General Staff Expectations & Rules of Conduct and Behavior

Staff Expectations

  • Since Christ lives in us, staff should imitate the life and person of Jesus Christ.
  • Staff will be encouraged to support other staff members in both their life and service as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • Staff are encouraged to faithfully attend and participate in any staff meetings.
  • Staff must find a replacement for themselves if they are not able to fulfill their committment at a particular event.
  • Staff are encouraged to be intentional about building relationships with the youth and not just visiting with other staff.
  • Staff involved in activities away from the HBYC will be expected to follow these guidelines:
    -Males build relationships with males; females with females.
    -The same applies to taking any youth to their homes.
    -Always let the director know before you plan to take anyone to your home or to leave the Center with any youth for any reason.
  • You will be encouraged to faithfully assist HBYC's activities on a regular basis. Your gifts and experience will help in determining where you can be used the most.
  • Staff should be willing to assist or lead activities outside the Center.
    For example, you may be asked to help with camping trips, field trips or sporting events; also to help with the youth group that was started at HBYC.
  • Staff should be willing to share with other staff and to pray with one another. We strongly encourage that all staff attend the prayer time after each evening we are open.
  • We would encourage staff to build relationships both at HBYC and also on your own time away from the Youth Center. Some ways of doing that could be to take a child out to eat, bowling, etc. In this way we can be more effective in our relationship with them

Rules for the Kids
To make the youth center a safer place, we have established some rules that will need your help in enforcing.

  • Kids need to respect others. This means no name calling, making fun of each other, etc. Reach out to the ones that are the hardest to love and show by example how to love and be kind.
  • There will be no smoking on the Youth Center property.
  • Any drugs or alchohol brought into the Youth Center will be confinscated and the proper authorities will be notified. If you suspect that someone has drugs or alchohol, tell the directer immediately.
  • Running and yelling are not allowed.
  • Foul language will not be tolerated. If it does not stop, the person will be asked to leave.
  • Any sexually lewd language or actions will not be tolerated and the person will be asked to leave.
  • No headphones or gameboys may be used on the property. They can be checked in at the office.
  • The basketball court is only open when there is staff outside. If any balls go over the fence, do not get them and do not allow anyone else to go get them. If anyone leaves the property, they will be asked to stay inside for the remainder of the evening. All bikes must be kept out front in the bike rack and are not allowed to be brought in the back of the Youth Center.
  • There is to be no loitering out in front of the Youth Center or on the sidewalk around the Center. Anyone loitering will be asked to either come inside or leave.
    -To cut down on loitering and on traffic in and out of the Center, we have changed our policy to "two times and out." That means that kids are allowed to leave once and come back, but the second time they leave they will be out for the evening. Any questions that the kids may have should be taken up with the director.

    Hopefully this has answered your questions and has helped you to understand what we are looking to accomplish here at HBYC. If you have any more questions, please don't hestitate to ask.



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